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Camera Class Reference

Public Member Functions

synchronized void delete ()
 Camera (long width, long height, Vector3 position, Vector3 target, Vector3 up)
Vector3 GetPosition ()
void SetPosition (Vector3 val)
Vector3 GetUp ()
void SetUp (Vector3 val)
Vector3 GetTarget ()
void SetTarget (Vector3 val)
Matrix4 GetViewMatrix ()
float GetNear ()
void SetNear (float val)
float GetFar ()
void SetFar (float val)
float GetFovy ()
void SetFovy (float val)
ViewPosition GetOrigin ()
void SetOrigin (ViewPosition val)
ViewPosition GetSize ()
void SetSize (ViewPosition val)
long GetWidth ()
void SetWidth (long val)
long GetHeight ()
void SetHeight (long val)
float GetOrthoZoomFactor ()
void SetOrthoZoomFactor (float val)
EnumProjectionType GetProjectionType ()
void SetProjectionType (EnumProjectionType val)
Matrix4 GetProjectionMatrix ()
Vector3 GetCoordinateUp ()
void SetCoordinateUp (Vector3 val)
boolean GetAllowFlip ()
void SetAllowFlip (boolean val)
Vector3 GetOrbitCenter ()
void SetOrbitCenter (Vector3 val)
Vector3 GetDirection ()
Vector3 GetRight ()
void UpdateNearFar (AxisAlignedBox sceneBox)
void GetNearFarHalfSize (Vector2 nearSize, Vector2 farSize)
float GetDistance ()
void LookAt (Vector3 position, Vector3 target, Vector3 up)
void LookByDirection (Vector3 target, Vector3 dir, Vector3 up)
void UpdateViewMatrix ()
void UpdateProjectionMatrix ()
Vector2 GetViewportSize ()
Vector2 GetViewportOrigin ()
Vector4 GetViewport ()
Vector2 GetViewportCenter ()
void Resize (long width, long height)
void Zoom (float ratio, float distance)
Matrix4 ComputeOrthoMatrix (float zoomFactor)

Static Public Member Functions

static Camera CreateOrthographic (long width, long height, float zoom, float zNear, float zFar)

Protected Member Functions

 Camera (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void swigSetCMemOwn (boolean own)
void finalize ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static long getCPtr (Camera obj)

Detailed Description


  1. Orgion [left, bottom]
    | |
    | |
    O------—> w
    Origon and Size can be Absolute or Relative mode.
    See also
    EnumPositionType2. Camera can be shared among viewports.

Member Function Documentation

Vector2 Camera.GetViewportOrigin ( )

Get the origin point on screen.

the origin.
Vector2 Camera.GetViewportSize ( )

Get the size on screen.

the width and heigth.
void Camera.Zoom ( float  ratio,
float  distance 

Zoom by ratio

ratio(0, 2)