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GEulerSequence Class Reference

Public Member Functions

final int swigValue ()
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GEulerSequence swigToEnum (int swigValue)

Static Public Attributes

static final GEulerSequence gp_EulerAngles = new GEulerSequence("gp_EulerAngles")
static final GEulerSequence gp_YawPitchRoll = new GEulerSequence("gp_YawPitchRoll")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_XYZ = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_XYZ")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_XZY = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_XZY")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_YZX = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_YZX")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_YXZ = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_YXZ")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_ZXY = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_ZXY")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_ZYX = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_ZYX")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_XYZ = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_XYZ")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_XZY = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_XZY")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_YZX = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_YZX")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_YXZ = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_YXZ")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_ZXY = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_ZXY")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_ZYX = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_ZYX")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_XYX = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_XYX")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_XZX = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_XZX")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_YZY = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_YZY")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_YXY = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_YXY")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_ZYZ = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_ZYZ")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Extrinsic_ZXZ = new GEulerSequence("gp_Extrinsic_ZXZ")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_XYX = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_XYX")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_XZX = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_XZX")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_YZY = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_YZY")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_YXY = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_YXY")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_ZXZ = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_ZXZ")
static final GEulerSequence gp_Intrinsic_ZYZ = new GEulerSequence("gp_Intrinsic_ZYZ")

Detailed Description

Enumerates all 24 possible variants of generalized Euler angles, defining general 3d rotation by three rotations around main axes of coordinate system, in different possible orders. The name of the enumeration corresponds to order of rotations, prefixed by type of co-ordinate system used: - Intrinsic: rotations are made around axes of rotating co-ordinate system associated with the object - Extrinsic: rotations are made around axes of fixed (static) co-ordinate system Two specific values are provided for most frequently used conventions: classic Euler angles (intrinsic ZXZ) and yaw-pitch-roll (intrinsic ZYX).

Member Data Documentation

final GEulerSequence GEulerSequence.gp_EulerAngles = new GEulerSequence("gp_EulerAngles")

Classic Euler angles, alias to Intrinsic_ZXZ

final GEulerSequence GEulerSequence.gp_YawPitchRoll = new GEulerSequence("gp_YawPitchRoll")

Yaw Pitch Roll (or nautical) angles, alias to Intrinsic_ZYX