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MaterialTemplate Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MaterialTemplate:

Public Member Functions

synchronized void delete ()
long GetUpdateVersion ()
String GetName ()
void SetName (String val)
String GetShaderTemplateName ()
void SetShaderTemplateName (String val)
RawShader GetRawShader ()
void SetRawShader (RawShader val)
void SetNormalMapType (EnumNormalMapType type)
EnumNormalMapType GetNormalMapType ()
void SetEnvBlendingMode (EnumEnvBlendingMode type)
EnumEnvBlendingMode GetEnvBlendingMode ()
EnumFaceSide GetFaceSide ()
void SetFaceSide (EnumFaceSide val)
float GetAlphaTest ()
void SetAlphaTest (float val)
EnumDepthPacking GetDepthPacking ()
void SetDepthPacking (EnumDepthPacking val)
void SetDithering (boolean enable)
boolean GetDithering ()
void SetVertexColors (boolean enable)
boolean GetVertexColors ()
void SetVertexColors4 (boolean enable)
boolean GetVertexColors4 ()
void SetVertexTangents (boolean enable)
boolean GetVertexTangents ()
void SetFlatShading (boolean enable)
boolean GetFlatShading ()
void SetFlipSided (boolean enable)
boolean GetFlipSided ()
void SetSkinning (boolean enable)
boolean GetSkinning ()
void SetMorphTargets (boolean enable)
boolean GetMorphTargets ()
void SetMorphNormals (boolean enable)
boolean GetMorphNormals ()
void SetSizeAttenuation (boolean enable)
boolean GetSizeAttenuation ()
void SetReceiveShadow (boolean enable)
boolean GetReceiveShadow ()
void AddDefine (String key, String value)
void RemoveDefine (String key)
void AddMap (String mapId, EnumEncoding encodeing, EnumMapping mapping)
void RequestUpdate ()
String ComputeHashCode ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GfxObject
synchronized void delete ()
long GetUuid ()
void SetUuid (long val)

Protected Member Functions

 MaterialTemplate (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void swigSetCMemOwn (boolean own)
void finalize ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GfxObject
 GfxObject (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void swigSetCMemOwn (boolean own)
void finalize ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static long getCPtr (MaterialTemplate obj)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from GfxObject
static long getCPtr (GfxObject obj)