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ParametricGeometry Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ParametricGeometry:
ParametricCurve ParametricSurface

Public Member Functions

synchronized void delete ()
long GetId ()
void SetId (long val)
boolean IsValidGeometry ()
boolean Initialize (TopoShape topoShape)
TopoShape GetShape ()

Protected Member Functions

 ParametricGeometry (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void swigSetCMemOwn (boolean own)
void finalize ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static long getCPtr (ParametricGeometry obj)

Detailed Description

geometry base class.

Member Function Documentation

boolean ParametricGeometry.Initialize ( TopoShape  topoShape)

Use TopoShape to initialize the geometry.

topoShapethe TopoShape
true if ok.
boolean ParametricGeometry.IsValidGeometry ( )

Test if valid.