AnyCAD Rapid SDK  2020
The Rapid CAD SDK
Path Member List

This is the complete list of members for Path, including all inherited members.

A2W(String path) (defined in Path)Pathstatic
delete() (defined in Path)Path
Extension(String fileName) (defined in Path)Pathstatic
finalize() (defined in Path)Pathprotected
getCPtr(Path obj) (defined in Path)Pathprotectedstatic
GetFolderPath(String fileName) (defined in Path)Pathstatic
GetString() (defined in Path)Path
Path(long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn) (defined in Path)Pathprotected
Path() (defined in Path)Path
Path(String filePath) (defined in Path)Path
SetString(String path) (defined in Path)Path
swigCMemOwn (defined in Path)Pathprotected
ToUtf8(String filePath) (defined in Path)Pathstatic
W2A(String path) (defined in Path)Pathstatic