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ShapeExplor Class Reference

Public Member Functions

synchronized void delete ()
double GetTolerance ()
void SetTolerance (double val)
GBBox GetBoundingBox ()
boolean AddShape (TopoShape shape)
void Build ()
long GetFaceCount ()
ParametricSurface GetFace (long idx)
GBBox GetBBox (long idx)
long GetEdgeCountOfFace (long faceIdx)
ParametricCurve GetEdgeOfFace (long faceIdx, long edgeIdx)
long GetEdgeCount ()
ParametricCurve GetEdge (long idx)
long GetFaceOfEdge (long idx)
boolean IsEdgeOnFace (long edgeIdx, long faceIdx)
Uint32List FindSiblingFaces (long edgeIdx, Uint32List candidateFaceIds)
Uint32List FindSiblingFaces (long edgeIdx)
int IsSiblingEdges (long edgeIdxA, long edgeIdxB)
EdgeVertex GetStartVertexOfEdge (long edgeIdx)
EdgeVertex GetEndVertexOfEdge (long edgeIdx)
EdgeVertex GetVertex (long vertexIdx)
Uint32List GetConnectedVertices (long vertexIdx)

Protected Member Functions

 ShapeExplor (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void finalize ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static long getCPtr (ShapeExplor obj)

Protected Attributes

transient boolean swigCMemOwn

Detailed Description

Explor the shape information of a shape.

Member Function Documentation

int ShapeExplor.IsSiblingEdges ( long  edgeIdxA,
long  edgeIdxB 
0: Not, otherwise Yes: 1: A-end B-start 2: A-end B-end 3: A-start B-end 4: A-start B-start