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Viewer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Viewer:
OffscreenCanvas WindowCanvas

Public Member Functions

synchronized void delete ()
void swigReleaseOwnership ()
void swigTakeOwnership ()
EditMode GetEditMode ()
void SetEditMode (EditMode val)
Editor GetDefaultEditor ()
void SetDefaultEditor (Editor val)
boolean Initialize (int hWindow, long width, long height)
void Destroy ()
int GetWidth ()
int GetHeight ()
float GetTimeTicks ()
void OnTime (float timeTick)
int Redraw (float timeTick)
void NewFrame (float timeTick)
ViewContext GetContext ()
void ZoomToExtend ()
boolean CaptureScreenShot (String fileName)
void SetBackgroundColor (Vector4 clr)
Vector3 ScreenPointToWorldPoint (long x, long y, float z)
Vector3 WorldPointToSceenPoint (Vector3 pt)
void SetStandardView (EnumStandardView view)
void Resize (long width, long height)
void OnMouseDown (InputEvent evt)
void OnMouseUp (InputEvent evt)
void OnMouseMove (InputEvent evt)
void OnMouseWheel (InputEvent evt, int delta)
void OnKeyDown (InputEvent evt)
void OnKeyUp (InputEvent evt)

Protected Member Functions

 Viewer (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void finalize ()
void swigDirectorDisconnect ()
void OnSize (long width, long height)

Static Protected Member Functions

static long getCPtr (Viewer obj)

Protected Attributes

transient boolean swigCMemOwn

Detailed Description

The basic Viewer

Member Function Documentation

void Viewer.OnMouseWheel ( InputEvent  evt,
int  delta 
delta> 0 scroll up, < 0 scroll down